Artisan hardware Barn Doors
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Transform a boring doorway into a statement.

Transform a boring old doorway into a personalized statement by adding an authentic interior sliding barn door to your home or office. Our sliding barn doors are handcrafted by skilled artisans and carefully packaged to ensure the highest quality when it arrives on your doorstep. Install your barn door as a standard swinging door or hang it from a set of our remarkable sliding hardware. Customize the design of your interior sliding barn door to fit the style of your space and give it that artistic touch.

Choose the Best Barn Doors for Sale

There are thousands of barn doors for sale on the internet. So, with so many choices, how do you choose one that is best for your project? There are several steps you can take to narrow down the selection. For example, you can choose whether or not you are more interested in custom barn doors or in pre-made barn doors.

Once you’ve decided that, determine the measurements (the height and width your door needs to be). Then you can choose whether you want a metal door or a wood door. Once you’ve done that, it is time to choose whether or not you would like a barn door that has paint or stain. You can also select the type and color of hardware that you want to be attached to your barn door.

Barn Door Collection

Hand crafted by skilled artisans and carefully packaged to ensure the highest quality.

History of Barn Doors

Learn how barn doors evolved from being used on actual barns to a making a statement on home interiors.

Barn Door Installation

Easily install your sliding barn door yourself by following our step-by-step guide and installation resources.

Idea Gallery

Check our our barn door gallery for ideas on which barn door will make the perfect statement on your home’s interior.

Custom Barn Doors or Pre-made Barn Doors

First, let’s talk about whether you would like custom barn doors or something that is pre-made. What are the benefits to purchasing something that is pre-made? The biggest benefit is that you won’t have to wait quite as long to receive your barn door. If you aren’t 100% sure what you want and aren’t great at making decisions then a pre-made door is the easier choice.

If you want to add something to your home, barn, or shed that really reflects your personality then go custom. You get to create a style and color that reflects your personality and that goes well with the interior of your home. If you are wanting exterior barn doors then you want something that matches the personality of the yard and works well with the shed or barn that it will be attached to.

If you create a custom barn door you can get exact measurements, choose a stain or paint that is perfect, and choose hardware that is higher quality then you may find on a pre-made barn door.

Custom Barn Doors Require Measurements

Next, let’s talk about measurements. Finding a pre-made door that is an exact measurement can be difficult but it is not impossible. Going with a custom barn door allows you to get an exact measurement. Whether you choose pre-made or custom, you want to make sure your measurements are accurate. No one wants a door that is a foot off the ground or, maybe worse, lacking several inches in width.

Make sure you apply the old adage “measure twice and cut once”. There isn’t a good way to extend or reduce a door that hasn’t been measured correctly.

Barn Door Gallery

Barn Doors for Sale in Metal and Wood

Metal or wood? Wood or metal? It’s time to talk about what you want your door to be made of. If you haven’t guessed, you have two choices: wood or metal. A lot of what it comes down to is personal preference but there are other factors that you want to consider.

One of the biggest factors is what you already have in your home. You don’t want something that sticks out for the wrong reasons. Wood can add a sense of warmth to your home. You are also able to paint or stain wood so that it’s a match wherever you place it.

On the other hand, metal is always stylish and looks great with almost anything. You can also have fun with a metal door if used in a children’s room, a play room, or an office by adding magnets.

Barn Door Resources

Finding the right barn door for your home and how to install it.

Paint or Stain or Natural for Barn Doors

It’s obvious that you want to pick a paint or stain that matches the barn door’s surroundings but, even with that in mind, you have options.

Some love a natural look but what about the wear and tear your door will take without some sort of protection? Having a stain on the door can keep the natural look of the wood while providing some protection. Stained barn doors look great in living rooms or front rooms.

If you want something to add pop or some pizazz to a room or barn or shed, then add some paint! Paint allows you to go bright or bold or smooth or cold (like indigo, blue, violet, or green). So, pick the paint that is perfect for you and then it is time to choose the type of hardware you want – the finishing touch that will make your barn door a masterpiece.

Barn Door Hardware

The last piece you need to consider when shopping for barn doors is the hardware. You can learn a lot more about hardware by visiting other pages on our website so we’ll keep this section short. Brass, Copper, and other metals can be used as hardware. You should not only look at the metal that the hardware is made of but you will also want to select a style that is the perfect finishing touch.

Read reviews and make sure that the hardware on your door is a high quality. You don’t want your beautiful barn door being hung with hardware that won’t keep it up!

Choosing a Barn Door

Now when you’re looking for barn doors for sale, you know what to look for! First, select a pre-made barn door or go through the fun process of customization. Second, make sure that you measure at least twice to make sure that your measurements are accurate. Third, select a metal or a wood barn door. Fourth, pick a paint color or stain. Last of all, add the finishing touch of barn door hardware. Happy shopping!