Are you in the process of searching for a barn door for your bathroom? If so, there are several items you will want to consider before making your barn door purchase. Start with what your bathroom looks like, this includes the color scheme you are using, the flooring you have selected, the metals you are using in your bathroom (on faucets, lighting, etc.), and the size of your bathroom. In addition to finding a barn door that is a perfect match, look for one that comes with quality hardware. Having a barn door with quality hardware means that you aren’t going to hear the hardware when you are opening and closing the door.

What Does Your Bathroom Look Like?

Are you totally redecorating your bathroom or are you keeping it as-is? Perhaps you are a contractor who is building the bathroom from scratch? No matter what your circumstance, having a barn door for your bathroom is an excellent idea. Some things to consider when selecting a barn door for bathroom include the colors that are used in your bathroom, the flooring, and the size of your bathroom.

Bathroom Colors

Popular bathroom colors include white, peaceful blues, shades of gray, shades of tan, and more. When you’re selecting your barn door, keep in mind that you want something that matches not only the bathroom, it must also match the bedroom, kitchen, hall, or whatever space the exterior side of the door is seen in.

Bathroom barn doors are most often made of wood and are available with a standard stain, a custom stain, or no stain at all (raw finish). Popular standard stains include the following: Jacobean, American Walnut, Classic Gray, Charcoal Gray, Dark Walnut, Special Walnut, Ebony, and Provincial. Finding a barn door manufacturer who is willing to do a custom stain is rare. For a handful of barn door manufacturers, you are able to type in the custom stain that you want on your door.

Barn doors can also be painted to match or work well with the color of your bathroom. If you don’t want an exact match, then search for a color theory website. These websites are often used by graphic designers but are also helpful when you are selecting a secondary or tertiary color that works well with the colors that you have already chosen.

Color doesn’t only include the paint on your bathroom walls and ceiling. It also includes the flooring and the metals you are using for bathroom hardware.

Bathroom Flooring

Tile, either ceramic or porcelain, is often used for bathroom flooring. This makes sense because it doesn’t absorb water like other types of flooring do. Some don’t like the look or feel of tile and select another option.

Natural Stone is another option for bathroom flooring. Typically, natural stone flooring is made of granite, marble, limestone, or slate. If you have natural stone in your bathroom, consider a natural-looking barn door for your bathroom. This is a barn door that is not painted, but stained. Natural stone and woodwork well together and will give your bathroom an earthy feel.


Vinyl flooring allows you to add variety to your flooring with colors, imprints, and styles that are not available with other types of bathroom flooring. It is also waterproof.

Wood with Veneer

Wood flooring is beautiful. To keep it beautiful, especially in a bathroom, make sure that it is protected. There are many natural wood options when it comes to bathroom barn doors. You are sure to find a match. Barn doors are also available in metal, another great selection if you have a bathroom floor made of wood.

Some also use carpet in their bathroom. They just love the feel of soft carpet or have it because a previous homeowner installed it.

No matter what type of flooring you have, you will find a barn door that looks great and functions well. Another thing to think about when selecting a barn door for the bathroom is the types of metal that you have already installed or will install in your bathroom. The popular metal used in bathroom hardware includes raw steel, bronze, mirror black, and stainless steel.

Raw Steel

Raw steel is dark gray or black without the shine. Cabinet pulls and handles often come in raw steel. They add a contemporary look to your bathroom.


You may have the real thing or just bronze-colored paint on your bathroom mirror, vanity light, or ceiling light. Bronze is also used for handles on bathroom vanities. Some also hang bronze-framed pictures on their bathroom walls. Bronze can give your home an antique or stately look.

Mirror Black

Mirror black will reflect back at you. It works great in a well-lit bathroom.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is popular in bathrooms because it is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel is also commonly used for barn door hardware.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories include everything from grab rails to toothbrush holders and soap dispensers. Accessories and often secondary or tertiary colors and not an exact match with the primary color.

Quality really matters when it comes to barn door hardware. First, you want hardware that is going to be able to hold your door from the ceiling or wall for the life of the door. Quality hardware equals a smooth roll. You want to open and close the door without any effort. In addition, you don’t want to hear the door every time it opens and closes! Quality counts! Don’t purchase hardware that you’re going to replace. You don’t want to go through the process of stripping bad hardware off of your door and replacing it with good hardware.