Double Barn Door Hardware

Double barn door hardware comes in a variety of styles and colors that are certain to add a unique design to your double barn doors. Double barn doors go by a variety of names, perhaps most commonly they are referred to as two-panel doors.

Two-panel doors are often used to replace the more traditional (and not as amazing) closet door. Yes, those closet doors that often pop off the track or make a lot of noise when they are being opened and closed. With double barn doors, you can purchase quality double barn door hardware – that is hardware that you will not typically find on ordinary closet doors.

Double barn doors can be made of both wood and metal. They can be created out of reclaimed wood or dozens of other options.

If you are a dentist, a doctor, an accountant, or any other service provider where the customer is going to make a trip to your office and spend some time in a waiting room, then you may also consider double barn doors. Double barn doors can be used in an office setting in several ways.

Offices often have a lot to store and some have several closets. These closets or storage areas can have either double barn doors or a single barn door. Double barn doors are great for a waiting room. They can be slid open during office hours so that when a patient or customer is called back, you don’t have to open and close the door. While it may be convenient, it also looks great – open double barn doors can really open up the floor plan. It will look like you have more space than you actually do.

As was mentioned earlier, you want to make sure that you have the best hardware available, whether the double barn door hardware is for your home or your office. Customers don’t want to hear doors opening and closing and neither do you!

Double Barn Door Hardware for Home

Double barn doors can be used in a deep closet or a shallow one. They don’t swing out or in as a hinged closet door do so you do not have to worry about losing closet, or bedroom, space. Some like to have a mirror on their closet door, others do not. Some barn doors come with a mirror that is attached by the manufacturer or you can purchase one and attach it by yourself.

If you are able to, try and get custom made double barn door hardware. One of the more obvious things that you would think you would be able to customize is color. It shouldn’t be difficult, right? Unfortunately, some barn door manufacturers do make it difficult or impossible to select a color for your hardware. They may have a handful of options. If you are looking for come customization, then make sure that you are looking on a barn door manufacturer’s site that offers customization. You will want to check to see if customization is a possibility before you start the checkout process, otherwise, you are wasting your time.

In addition to customizing the color, you can also customize the style. Do you want hardware that is rounded, smooth, thin, black, copper, iron? Some of the customization decisions are easy to make. If you have specific colors or metals in use in your bedroom or office, you will want something that matches. Other points of customization, like the overall style of the double barn door hardware, are not as easy to decide. If you are stumped or don’t have a strong opinion then it might just not matter that much. If you are worried about it, hopefully, you have a friend who has a great sense of style who is willing to give you their opinion.

So, what types of double barn door hardware will you need to select? You will need a door guide. The door guide is the piece of hardware that the wheel attaches to. It is typically attached to a wall or the floor, both below the barn door. At the top of the door, on or near the ceiling, is the track.

Another piece of hardware you need is the pull handle. One pull handle is attached to one of each of the double barn doors. Pull handles can be plain and boring or they can add another dimension to your double barn door.

Of course, you may not have to select much of the hardware (or any at all). Some double barn doors come ready to hang. The door comes with hardware that is already , where possible, and a color and style are selected for you. That makes life a little easier but ready to go double barn doors are not for everyone.

Whether you have a ready to go double barn door or you need to attach the hardware to the barn doors yourself, you will need some tools. Some of the tools are pretty basic: a pencil, a level, a measuring tape, a socket wrench. Other tools you may have to borrow or purchase. These include: a centering ruler, a stud finder, and a drill. For some, all of the tools listed may be pretty basic. For others, you may have no tools at all and will need some help gathering them.

Your barn doors will more than likely be shipped to you, even if you get them from a brick and mortar store (they are pretty big so most people can’t just throw them in the back of their car and call it good). So, the first thing you should do when you receive your doors is to make sure that there are no scratches or dents on the door. If there are, make sure that you take pictures to document the problem. After you have done so, make sure that you check all of the hardware. Is everything there? Do you have your tools? Alright, then! It is time to hang your double barn doors using quality double barn door hardware.