Looking for a Home Depot barn door

What are other options besides a Home Depot barn door?

When it comes to selecting a barn door for your home, office, or for outside, Home Depot is just one option. There are plenty of others. If you are searching for higher-quality barn doors you can simply search online for artisan barn doors, custom barn doors, high-quality barn doors, modern barn doors or something similar.

Do a thorough look at the search results. Remember, just because a company shows up first in the results or on the first or second page doesn’t mean that they are the best at what they do. It means they are the best at marketing what they do.

It will take time to review several websites, but you do not want to place an order with a company that you should not trust. One thing you can do to determine whether or not you should trust a company is to read several reviews about the company and its products.

Should you choose a Home Depot barn door or a custom-made barn door?

Custom-made barn doors are not all created equal. One of the positives of a custom-made barn door is you get to select the style and color of the door. If you are looking for high quality then search for handcrafted barn doors.

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting where you will purchase your barn door and its hardware. Barn doors can be purchased from Home Depot but they are also available from several other retail outlets. In some cases, barn doors can be purchased near where you live but barn doors can also be purchased from several online establishments. So, with so many options, how do you narrow the selection down in order to find the perfect choice for you?

Home Depot Barn Door Reviews

Online reviews are a great starting point. You may find an overall review rating (an overall star rating) for the entire company. While those are helpful it is more important to find ratings for individual products, unless, of course, the company’s main product is barn doors. If that is the case, then an overall review of the company is extremely helpful.

Be careful of websites that offer titles like “10 best barndoor sites” or “best barn door hardware kits.” Companies can pay to be placed on sites like this. Barn door companies may also be creating the lists themselves. You want to look at reviews that are written by actual customers. You can find legitimate reviews in Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and Trustpilot.

When looking at reviews you will want to look at a few things. First, look at the cumulative or overall rating. It is important to look at reviews for the specific product you are looking for. For example, if you are looking just at Home Depot reviews then you may actually be seeing how customers feel overall about the Home Depot experience. The overall rating could be about customer service or an opinion about one of then tens of thousands of products that are available at the store. The review could be about the look and feel of the retail store, or any number of other things. Of course, if the company you are looking at specializes in barn doors and barn door hardware, then looking at the overall review is helpful.

When you are looking at reviews for a company that has brick and mortar stores, see if reviews for individual locations are available. More important though, you will want to look for individual product reviews. If you see a door that you like, then look at the reviews for that specific door. If you see hardware that you think looks good, you will also want to look at the reviews. It may look good to the eye, but you should also be concerned about the overall quality of the product. That is something that is difficult to determine by looking at a picture.

A big piece of the overall review is looking at the comments that are attached to the review. There are some obvious red flags: an order didn’t arrive, the order was incomplete and customer service didn’t help to make it right, the wrong order was sent, the door was damaged or of low quality, etc. There may be reviews about the state of the door as it arrives at your home. Because of the way barn doors are shipped there is a chance that the door has a scratch or a slight ding. Because that is the case, you will want to go with a company that has some sort of warranty or is at least (look for proof in the reviews) willing to work with the customer to have the door repaired. Whether you are ordering something online or at a brick and mortar, customer service is oh so important! When you are reading through comments on reviews, make sure you get a feel for how the customer service is. You never know, you may need them. Whether you are getting a Home Depot barn door or a door from any other company online, make sure you look for reviews.

One thing you may not fully come to understand by only reading the reviews is the quality of the product. Like most products, quality counts. Do you want higher-end handcrafted artisan barn doors or are you okay with lesser quality? Just because something is high quality it doesn’t mean that it is more expensive than lesser-quality. Be willing to look around and see what you find!

Once you have gone through several reviews for one company you will get a very good idea regarding whether or not you can trust them.