Installing Barn Doors

Once you’ve chosen the best interior sliding barn doors for your space, it’s time to install! You can either choose to easily install your sliding barn doors by yourself, or you can call a local handyman to install the doors for you. Whatever you decide, we’ve provided resources to help your installation be quick and easy. Visit our FAQ page to learn everything you’ll need to know to get started and successfully hang your beautiful new doors.


When you are searching for a place to purchase a barn door, one of the things you should consider is whether or not you are given barn door installation instructions. Some barn door retailers give no instructions at all (good luck with that). Other retailers have printed instructions that come with the barn door. Printed instructions can be helpful but they aren’t always. It can be hit and miss. Printed instructions with pictures seem to work best. The best instructions maybe video. Some companies have video instructions available on their website or on sites like YouTube. Retailers who want to repeat customers and amazing reviews will have good instructions.

Some online barn door retailers also have a customer support staff that can give you instructions when you get stuck. Unfortunately, this is so rarely the case that you’ll want to look at the company’s website to see whether or not they even offer customer support. Some companies don’t have a phone number, chat, or an email address on their website. If it’s your first time installing a barn door and you aren’t sure how the installation will go, you will want to have a way of communicating with the company.

The installation process will vary. Are you doing front mount or ceiling mount? Are you installing a box track, a bypass top mount, a bypass front mount? Are you installing a metal door or a wood door? You will want to know the answer to these questions before you make your purchase. That way you are not surprised when the door arrives and you start to mount it. We have included some basic barn door installation steps that we hope will give you an idea of what to expect during the installation process.

Get Some Help for Barn Door Delivery

First, make sure that you have the help you need when the barn door arrives. Barn doors are heavy! This won’t be a one-person project. In most cases, the barn door is delivered on a flatbed truck. You’ll have to haul it into the house.

Make Sure You Have Package Items, Hardware, and Tools

Second, after you have the barn door in the right room, open up the packaging and make sure that you have all of the parts before you begin to put anything together (this includes all of the hardware). If you are missing a part, you better have ordered from a retailer that has customer support (phone, chat, or email). That way, you can quickly make contact with the company and get them to ship out the missing hardware.

Some barn door retailers have an option where you are able to have them put all of the hardware on before shipping – that way it is ready to hang when it arrives.

You should receive the following items with your door. These items are essential to the installation: hangers, track, spacers, door stops, rubber pads, anti-jump guards, a door guide, washers, nuts, screws, and bolts.

If you have everything listed above as well as the hardware, it’s time to gather tools. So, what will you need? This list should cover most barn door installations: a tape measurer, a level, a pencil, a drill with 3/8”, 1/4”, and Phillips Bits, a 9/16” wrench, a stud finder, safety glasses, and a 7/16” wrench.

Front Mount Barn Door Installation:
Basic Instructions

You will attach hangers to the top front of the door. Holes may already be drilled but more than likely you’ll have to drill them yourself. Once you’ve attached the hangers to the door you will attach the track to the wall. This includes some measuring and centering. You’ll want someone to help you with this step. After the track is attached to the wall, install stops and guards. Stops and guards prevent your door from rolling right off the track. Once the guards and stops are attached, you need to attach the door guide. This is the step where you’ll need your level!


Ceiling Mount Barn Door Installation:
Basic Instructions

The basic instructions for installing a ceiling mount are similar to a front mount. First, you need to use your stud finder to locate the ceiling joists. Once you’ve done that you are on your way to installing the ceiling mount. Once it has been installed you attach the hangers to the door, then add stops and guards and attach the door guide.

A portion of the door guide as an “L” shaped piece of metal. You attach (with screws) part of the guide to your baseboard or your wall. The “L” shaped piece helps keep the roller pieces in place.


Barn Door Installation – Some Misc. Things

Spacing is important. The door slides along the wall. That means that light switches and outlets can bump against the wall – unless you leave ample space.

Measure before you place your order so that the door is the correct size. Once you are installing, you will be drilling holes that need to be in a very specific place.

Before you install your barn door, make sure that all of the hardware has been installed. You don’t want to try to install the hardware after the door is hanging.


Remember to Ask For Help

Barn door installation can be tricky. If you don’t have experience with it, then finding an online barn door retailer that has helpful customer support and video instructions is a great option. At the very least, make sure that the barn door you are ordering comes with instructions.

Whether or not you think you can install a barn door by yourself, you will want to get help. Having an extra set of hands to help level, steady, and lift, is always helpful.