A complete guide to interior

door knobs

Nothing can ruin your interior design and style quite like a generic metal door knob that sticks out like a sore thumb and isn’t compatible with the room’s style. After spending hours thinking about the style of your room, figuring out a color palette, a cohesive theme, and pieces that fit within that, you have to spend time thinking about the door knob and how to match it to the rest of the room. 

Interior door knobs often get overlooked but can make a big difference. They can add to the style and feel of the room or can distract from all of your hard work. Here is everything you need to know about interior door knobs and your options when styling your own room.

What Are the Different Types of Interior Door Knobs?

There are four major styles and types of door knobs. Each type has a large variety, and can lead to different feels and styles and can bring something different to the room.

Classic Door Knobs

These door knobs are typically rounded and shaped like a sphere. They’re easy to grip and twist and are simple and classic. Their shape and style is universal and can, depending on the finish and color of the knob, fit almost any style you are looking for.

Another bonus to using a classic door knob is finding a replacement for it. If there is any scratching or chipping, or the knob needs to be replaced for any reason, finding a classic door knob is generally cheap and easy.

Antique Door Knobs

These door knobs are newly manufactured door knobs made to look like they are antique. One of the biggest ways to recognize an antique door knob is if the knob is a clear plastic, resin, glass, or even crystal.

Not all antique door knobs use clear glass or crystal. Another antique style prominently uses bronze or brass with ornate and detailed decoration in the door knob and plate.

Modern Door Knobs

Compared to the complexity and decoration of antique styles, modern knobs are going to be straightforward and simple with straight lines and sleek finishes. These styles of door knobs are meant to work with modern, contemporary, or refined interior designs.

Rustic Door Knobs

Sometimes your room is looking for a countryside charm. In these rooms, a rustic door knob is going to work best for you. These knobs are going to be in darker, dull finishes, and not have a sleek or sharp look to help them match the country feel of the room.

In some rustic rooms, you will want to include a barn door. Rather than using a door knob, these types of doors use door handles so you can slide the door on tracks rather than pulling or pushing it open or closed.

What Is a Dummy Door Knob?

A dummy door knob is a door knob that does not turn because it is missing locks, axles, or latches. They are fixed, fake knobs used as handles. While they do not actively work to open or close a door, a dummy door knob is still used when opening or closing the door. A few places you can use dummy door knobs are with French doors, shallow closets, and pantries.

What Does Door Hardware Include?

Depending on the style and location of the interior door knob, the size and complexity of hardware can change. But generally, the hardware includes a latch, brackets, trim plates, and the knob itself.

The latch and brackets are the devices that go on the inside of the door that help the door latch open and rotate. The trim plate is the piece of metal that goes between the latch and brackets and the rest of the room. Sometimes a trim plate is a small circle or square, but depending on your design it can be a large ornately decorated rectangle.

Where Can you Find the Best Interior Door Knobs?

There are a wide variety of places and stores to get the door knobs you need for your rooms. The most typical and generic styles can be found at your local hardware store. If you want a bit more variety you can go directly to door knob manufacturers like Baldwin or Schlage. If you’re looking for something with a bit more flair or style, Rejuvenation provides a large variety of styles and designs.

For some styles a door knob might not be the best option for you, but rather a door handle could provide you the style you’re looking for. For a good selection of handles to fit a wide variety of interior styles, Artisan Hardware can provide what you are looking for.