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Barn Doors for sale

Are you looking for the perfect interior sliding barn door for your home or perhaps an exterior sliding barn door for a shed or barn? If you have done any searching online then you probably came across websites that offer assembly-line barn doors and hardware. You can step up the quality and the selection and get what you really want by finding a sliding barn door manufacturer or retailer that offers custom interior sliding barn doors for sale.

Customizing your sliding barn door is also about choosing the hardware. Horseshoe and contemporary styles are two of the most popular. Hardware is also available in brass and copper, along with more traditional metals. Make sure that your metals match the room the door will be placed in. You will also want to make sure that the hardware matches the door and the style of your home, including your bathroom.

You will also want to decide if you would like to have one sliding barn door or two per doorway.

In addition to customizing your sliding barn doors, it is also helpful to know the importance of barn door weight and barn door clearance.

Customizable Barn Door Hardware

One of the things you are able to choose if you go with a custom sliding barn door is the hardware. Hardware comes in many colors, levels of quality, and styles. While there are more traditional styles, you can also choose styles that are only available on a small percentage of barn door manufacturer sites. Some manufacturers also create their own styles. Other styles you may come across in your search for perfect interior sliding barn doors for sale include, orion, apex, micro, vintage, no show, pinnacle copper, helix, aspen, arrow, Huxley, helio, and contemporary. The point is, there are many different styles to choose from. Here is some additional information about the horseshoe and contemporary styles:

Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware

If you are going for a ranch or rustic cabin look, then search around for a horseshoe barn door hardware option. This design is extremely popular and has been in use for over a century! Imagine that the wheel that sits along the barn door’s track is the stake that you use in a game of horseshoes. The horseshoe-like decoration on the barn door rests around the upper third of the wheel. The open part of the horseshoe faces the ceiling.


Leave yesterday’s styles behind and go for what is popular right now. Contemporary style barn door hardware is known for its rounded edges.

Go for Consistency

No matter what type of metal your sliding barn door hardware is made of, make sure that the entire hardware kit (typically the track, wheels, hangers, bolts, spacers, track stops, and a guide are included). You don’t want hardware that is mismatched.

One Small Barn Door or Two?

One decision you will want to make is one barn door or two per opening. Is your doorway large enough for two sliding barn doors or do you only need one? If you have space for more than one door to slide along your wall then you may want to consider a bi-parting barn door. Of course, that means that you’ll need twice the amount of hardware.

You should also consider whether your interior sliding barn door is going to be hung in one room or if you are going to replace all of your hinge doors with sliding barn doors. As you are determining how many barn doors you want and where you will hang them, remember that barn door weight and barn door clearance are important.

Barn Door Weight

First, let’s talk about barn door weight. How much does your barn door weigh and why does that matter? Each type and style of hardware can hold a specific barn door weight. The typical weight of a sliding barn door is 300 – 400 pounds, sometimes more. If you are purchasing the door and hardware from the same website, the manufacturer should list the door weight and the hardware weight limits. If you’ve already purchased the door and are only shopping for sliding barn door hardware then you will want to find out the weight of the door you already own.

Barn Door Clearance

Once you know the weight, figure out how much clearance you need. If you are looking for customizable sliding barn doors for sale then you can usually make the barn door length whatever you need it to be. If you aren’t customizing, then obviously knowing what length your door should be is still important. If it’s not customized, however, then you may not be able to find the exact length that you need. You will just have to come as close as possible without going over.

So, what do you need to know about clearance? You will need some space above and below the barn door in order for the door to open and close as it should. The amount of clearance needed varies (based off of the type of hardware you use). The clearance you need to account for should be spelled out on the sliding barn door website, usually on the product page. Typical clearance is 6 inches or more. So, make sure you account for this while measuring for the space you will need for your door.

There are many websites with interior sliding barn doors for sale. Find a website where you are able to customize the look of your barn door, including the: hardware, color, and length of the door. Get hardware that is high quality and that can hold the door for as long as it is hanging in your home. Look around online for different styles of hardware, door, etc. until you find one that speaks to you. Before you make your purchase, verify the actual width and length you need your door to be. As you do so, do not forget to add space for clearance.