Use large Barn Doors in Your

Home or workplace

Large barn doors can be used in the kitchen, library, bathroom, home office, or workplace. Large indoor barn doors are a wonderful place to display your child’s (or your own) artwork. They can be used like typical doors or as a way to let light into a room.

Going for Style, not Function

You may think “I only have a small doorway. I don’t need a large barn door.” While that may technically be the case, a large barn door can add style to your home. It can add a punch of color, a touch of elegance, and it will definitely add the “wow” factor to your home or office. A large barn door can also be a less-expensive option for large doorways in your home that may otherwise need two regular-sized barn doors.

Large Barn Door in the Kitchen

In a kitchen, doors that swing can be a nuisance. There’s all of the opening and closing plus they can get in the way. But, you want doors because you want them closed when company is over and you aren’t using the kitchen, especially if the kitchen is next to the front room. So, the answer to your problem is installing a large barn door in the kitchen.

Large Barn Door in the Library

If you choose a large barn door with glass paneling, you are able to see in and out of the room while still having a sound barrier. A large glass-paneled barn door allows people to peek inside your library without them having to go inside. And, when you are inside studying or reading then instead of having a door you will have a window that allows the sunlight to flow in.

Large Barn Doors for a Bathroom

Bathrooms are another great place for a large barn door, especially master baths. They can be used as the actual bathroom door or as a way to separate the bathroom from a walk-in closet or laundry room.

Laundry Room

Speaking of laundry rooms, it can be difficult to open a door that has a stack of dirty clothes next to it. With a sliding door you are not opening or closing into a room. The door slides along the ceiling or wall so that you maximize the space in your home.

At the Top or Bottom of the Stairs

You may want to place a door at the top or bottom of the stairs but you can’t because the door won’t open or, if it does, there is a chance it will hit a wall or another door. For example, if you open the door from the garage and walk inside you may be standing right next to a bathroom door or a door that opens to a staircase. With so many doors in one spot, use a large barn door. That way you don’t have to worry about doors bumping and banging into one another.

The Perfect Place for Art

Does your child (or maybe you) produce art and a lot of it? Forget the refrigerator. It is time for an upgrade. A large barn door can act as an art gallery. Display the most recent or favorite crayon drawings, marker-made masterpieces, and sketches on a door that they’ll see every day.

Let the Sunshine In

If you don’t want to go with French doors, large barn doors are a great option. Many prefer them to the more traditional French doors. Large barn doors with glass panes are available.

Large Barn Doors for Your Home Office

If you have a home office, consider large barn doors. They not only act as a door, they can also cover up shelves for a less cluttered looking office.

Soundproofing Your Barn Door

Depending on where you place your barn door, you may want additional privacy. Large barn doors slide across your wall or hang from the ceiling. They are not like the typical door that closes tightly behind you. There are some things that you can do to soundproof your barn door. Much of this can be avoided if your measurements are accurate before you install the door. You don’t want large gaps from floor to ceiling but you also need enough space for the door to function properly.

If privacy is a real issue then this is the perfect instance where you would want to have a large barn door instead of a regular-sized barn door. A large barn door will not only cover the door opening, but it will also cover up parts of the wall on either side of the door. Here are some other options for soundproofing, including weather stripping and using quality hardware.

An easy way to soundproof a large barn door is by weather stripping it. Apply it to any gaps from the top of the door to the ceiling or the bottom of the door to the floor. Of course, you do not want to apply it so thickly that it gets in the way of the door gliding open and closed.

Another way to help with sound, especially when opening and closing the door, is by using high-quality hardware. Like large barn doors, barn door hardware can be lesser-quality or it can be something that will last a lifetime. Cheap hardware leads to squeaky opening and closing of the door and, in some instances, the door falling off of its track. Always go with quality hardware. If you go with lesser quality and end up needing to replace it, you will certainly regret it. No matter what you are using your large barn door for, make sure that you find a door and barn door hardware that is superior. You don’t want a barn door that needs to be replaced after a year or two of use.

There are so many reasons to get a large barn door. Now, it is time to pick the perfect one…or two…or three large barn doors for your home or your business.