You may only have doors in your home for reasons of function. They close. They lock. They unlock and open back up. What if you could have a door that gave you the functionality that you want but also added the “wow” factor to your home? That’s what you get with sliding barn doors. You can compare sliding barn doors to the old-fashioned hinged door or the French door or even the sliding glass door. If you have a large empty space where you wish you had a door but a typical door won’t fit, then double sliding barn doors may do the trick. Barn doors look better, function better, and allow for more space than a typical door. Plus they are easy to install in order to replace your old door.

Sliding Barn Doors Look Amazing!

Not all doors are created equal. A lot of people use the typical hinged door for the bedroom, the bathroom, closets, entering and exiting the house, and more. So many hinged doors can be boring! Liven up your home with sliding barn doors. You can paint your sliding barn door just like you can a hinged door but the end result looks so much better! There are so many options. You will have a lot of fun picking out a door that is just right for your bedroom, bathroom, or wherever else you would like to hang it.

There is also the sliding glass door. If you have children in the home you would have to wipe the sliding glass door clean several times a day to keep it clean. Even without children in the home, the sliding glass door is a dirt magnet.

Say goodbye to the dirt magnet and the more traditional-looking doors in your home. Break with tradition and go with the newest trend around. Install sliding barn doors in your home.

You can add multiple colors if you work with a company that can custom make your barn door. You can also choose no paint at all, choose stain instead.

French Door vs. Sliding Barn Doors

French doors were popular at one time. Are they still? Sliding barn doors seem to be the newest trend. If you have a grand entryway that is at least double the size of a typical entryway, you have a few choices. You can leave the entryway open (no doors), you can use French doors, or you can select a sliding barn door.

French doors are covered with glass pains. They are two doors that mirror each other and can either be hinged or sliding. The glass allows light in. It doesn’t allow for a lot of privacy, even with frosted glass.

If you are wanting to use French doors on the outside of your home (or on a shed or barn) then keep in mind that they are not very energy efficient. Having no overlap between the doors makes it difficult to conserve energy.

Another benefit is the space you’ll save. With a barn door that slides, you don’t have to worry about rearranging much furniture. You will have to make sure that the walls are clear so that as the door slides it doesn’t run into anything. With a French door, you will need plenty of clearance for the door to open up into the room.

Last of all, adding a sliding barn door instead of a French door probably means you will spend less time dealing with mechanical problems. French door hinges typically don’t last as long as a well-crafted barn door.


Replace Your Door with a Sliding Barn Door

Plus, replacing your current boring door with a sliding barn door is relatively easy. You can purchase sliding barn doors that come ready to hang. All you need are some basic tools. The best sliding barn door retailers give you amazing online print or video instructions along with a customer support team.

What About Large Spaces?

There may be a place or two in your home where you wish you had a wall or a door that was extra-large. If that’s the case, then a double sliding barn door will do the trick. All you have to do is select (or custom make) two barn doors that are almost exactly the same. One major difference is that the door handle for each door will be placed near where the doors meet as they stand side by side. It will take a little extra work to install a double instead of a single but it will give you what you want. You can have an open room for most of the day but when it is time to put the kids in bed and you want some privacy in the television room, you can close the door. That way they aren’t sneaking out of bed to get a glimpse of whatever you are watching.

This same idea can be used to separate the front room from the kitchen (hide that dirty kitchen when necessary) or to separate the dining room from the kitchen for a more intimate setting.

The beauty of sliding barn doors is that they are functional, practical, and will set your home apart from everyone else in the neighborhood.

Are you ready to make the switch and have interior sliding barn door? Start with one and see how easy it is to install. After you get a “where did you get that” and “that door looks amazing” and additional comments from your neighbors, friends, and family, you will want to replace all of the doors in your home with sliding barn doors.