Are you searching for small barn door hardware? If so, you are in the right place! If you haven’t already, take a minute to learn about the different types of hardware that you will need in order to hang your small barn door properly. Some of the hardware you will need include the barn door track, hangers, track stops, guides, spacers, and (of course) wheels! As you will see, these pieces of hardware are not named creatively. Instead, they are named for what they do.

Some who sell barn doors have a no-show hardware option that really limits the amount of hardware that will be seen once your barn door is up and functioning. You may be able to find hardware that is mostly hidden from view or you can choose custom hardware that adds value to the door. Hardware can be dipped in a variety of metals so you are sure to find something that is a perfect match for your home.

In addition to knowing what hardware you need, you will also want to determine what the best shipping options are for small barn door hardware. Hardware is heavy and can be expensive to ship. Is free shipping an option for any online barn door retailers?

Hardware for Different Sized Doors

Sliding barn doors come in many different sizes. Large barn doors or double doors are one option. On the other end of the spectrum, some people even custom create extremely small barn doors for a chicken coop! Make certain the size of the hardware matches the size of door otherwise that door won’t function properly. Here is a list of the barn door hardware you will need to purchase in order to hang your door from the wall or ceiling.


Barn Door Track

Let’s start with the barn door track. The track is the piece of metal that is above the door and extends across the wall. The wheel sits on top of the track and glides across it as you open and close the door. The length of the track varies from customer to customer. Of course, a large portion of the track length is determined by the width of the doorway that your barn door (or doors if you are going with bi-parting). You will also need enough track for the door to completely slide to one side or the other so that you can actually make your way through the doorway.



This may be an obvious piece of hardware. The wheel runs across the top of the track. The quality of the wheel is important. You don’t want a wheel that is prone to get bumps or dents that will make it difficult to open and close the door. What you may not know is that wheels come in different styles and sizes.


The door hangers will be installed at the top of the door. The hanger should have multiple holes that allow for a connection using screws. If it only has one hole, beware. That may not be enough to keep your door connected. Remember, interior barn doors, even small ones can weigh three hundred to four hundred pounds.



Without spacers, your door won’t slide open and closed as it should. Their job is simple but necessary. A spacer creates a little “space” between the wall and the door. Spacers are especially important if you have baseboards or crown molding.


Track Stops

If you are purchasing track stops you want to make sure that they are adjustable. A track stop makes it possible to stop your door at any point along the track. The amount of track stops needed varies from project to project.



The last piece of small barn door hardware that we will go into detail about is the guide. Guides come in different shapes and sizes. There are guides that are specifically used when you are mounting your barn door from a wall. These guides can be tucked into your trim or your baseboard. They typically do not have to be attached directly to the floor.

Guides are invaluable. This simple piece of hardware will help keep your door running parallel to the wall (rather than into the wall). Other guides include the L-Bottom guide, the U-bottom guide, and the stay roller guide.


Miscellaneous Hardware

In addition to the track, wheels, hangers, spacers, track stops, and guide, you will also need basic hardware like bolts and screws. Often times, the places where you purchase your hardware will provide a hardware kit that includes everything listed in this paragraph.


No-show Hardware

Hardware is aesthetically pleasing to many but it may not be to you. If that is the case then you will want to search for a no-show hardware option.

Chrome Sliding Door Hardware

The barn door hardware you choose can be coated in a variety of metals, including bronze, copper, stainless or raw steel, and brass. Chrome is “in” so why not have it in your home? Remember that the metal used on barn door hardware are only finishes and not one-hundred percent copper, brass, or chrome, etc. These softer metals will bend. You will purchase a harder metal that is dipped in a softer metal.


Barn Door Hardware Shipping Costs

We’ve spent some time reviewing the pieces of small barn door hardware that you will need to get your barn door up and working properly. Another thing to consider is the cost of shipping your hardware and/or small barn door. Some barn doors have a sticker price that is extremely low but then you find when you are checking out that you are being charged an exorbitant amount for shipping. Other barn door retailers will charge a lot for the door and shipping. Always go with a company that offers quality products at an affordable price and FREE shipping.