It is time to install a decorative barn door in your home or office. If you have already selected the barn door that you want, including the color or stain and the overall design, then it is time to select the hardware. This part of the process can be just as fun as selecting the actual door. You want to select hardware that is equal to your high-quality door and that fits your door correctly.

Having high-quality barn door hardware is important. The quality of the hardware will help determine whether or not the door functions as it should. That means it rolls as it should without getting caught on anything. That means you can open and close the door with one hand and watch it gently glide open or closed. It also means that the door hangs correctly on the wall. Selecting the correct barn door hardware may be more important than you initially thought. Make sure that you choose to purchase your hardware from a reputable buyer. Retailors who have expert craftsmen who spend hours designing the hardware and then take the design and make it a reality – that is who you want to do business with.

In addition to looking for quality hardware, what else can you use to determine what hardware to purchase? You will want to search for hardware that enhances the look of your room while meeting your budget.

What does the hardware look like?

Barn door hardware comes in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and can even be made from different types of metal. You have to be careful to avoid cheap metals that can bend and twist. Barn doors are heavy! You don’t want to use metal that will severely weaken over time.

Barn door hardware is typically black. That is good because black goes with almost anything.


What barn door hardware do I need, exactly?

There are several pieces of hardware that you will need to purchase in order to make your barn door fully functional. These pieces of hardware include handles, locks, and what we will call components.

Pieces of hardware can be purchased individually or some online hardware door companies put kits together for you. Purchasing a kit allows you to worry less about whether or not you have all of the barn door hardware in addition to making sure that the hardware actually matches in color and style from piece to piece. You definitely don’t want a beautiful, quality made barn door hanging in your home or office that has mismatched hardware.

Barn door handle: One of the final touches to your barn door is a well-crafted handle. You want a handle that will last as long as your door does. Barn door hardware comes in different looks. You will find classical, rustic, modern, stainless, flush, and more. The handle can be made from different metals. Find barn door hardware that goes with the character of the barn door and the room it will be installed in. The right hardware will actually improve the look of the room that it is in.

Barn door lock: The lock on your barn door is typically used for convenience, not really protection. Since the barn door is on the interior of your home and not the exterior, you will only need to place locks on barn doors you will be looking for privacy.

Components: What are we talking about when we say components? They are the pieces of hardware that no one thinks about yet they are essential to the barn door functioning as it should. Components include the L-bottom guide, the U-bottom guide, wall mount guides, ceiling mount guides, roller guides, and the basics like nuts, bolts, and washers. That is a lot of barn door hardware! Depending on where you are mounting your door (from the wall, ceiling, etc.) you will not need everything that is listed above. Often times you can purchase a hardware kit that will contain everything you need for a door. You may also be able to purchase a door that already has the hardware attached.


How thick is your barn door?

The thickness, height, and length of your barn door will determine how much hardware you need. In addition to the amount of hardware it will also determine the type of hardware you need.

Do you need ceiling mount or wall mount hardware?

Some hardware will be labeled as a ceiling mount. Other hardware can be labeled wall mount. Just make sure that you are getting what you need. Are you hanging (mounting) the bard door from a wall or from the ceiling?


What is your barn door hardware budget?

While you are searching for your barn door hardware keep your overall budget in mind. The price of barn door hardware can be all over the place. Of course, it is best to find a great combination of low price and high quality. If you aren’t in a rush, then wait a few months for online promotion. Online barn door retailers often have specials and promotions. Those promotions may be for hardware only. Whatever you do, don’t settle for low-quality hardware for your high-quality crafted barn door.
Are you ready to make your barn door hardware purchase? You now know what you are looking for! You will search for an online retailer that offers quality hardware products. You will determine what kind of hardware you actually need. You want hardware that adds to the look and feel of your room. Last, of all, you will make sure that the hardware meets your proposed budget. Picking out the exact hardware that you need can seem overwhelming to some. If that is the case for you, look for a barn door company that has excellent customer service. They will have someone who can help you get exactly what you need – no more, no less. Happy hardware shopping!